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The Team Behind Breaking Atom

Breaking Atom mission is to take complex concepts around general chemistry and make them simple (and free).

Our aim is to be the world’s most authoritative website for the Periodic Table of Elements. We do this by making chemistry subjects digestible and fun.

Our expert chemistry writers research and create original, fact-checked content. Our team is responsible for the amazing content you experience on the site today.

Maria K


Maria is a Chemistry Expert as has a Master of Science (M.S.), Materials engineering at National Technical University of Athens
and also studied Chemical Engineering at Università di Bologna. Maria is also a tutor and loves to help break down complex chemistry concepts to help students of all ages.

Nathan M


Nathan has a degree in BSc Biomedical Chemistry at Warwick University and a degree in PGCE Science at Wolverhampton University, UK. Nathan's subject matter ranges from general chemistry and organic chemistry. Nathan also created the curriculum on Breaking Atom in the course page.

Zoran A


Zoran is an extensive experience as has worked as a private chemistry teacher for the past five years. Zoran holds a diploma in engineering in the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy from the University of Belgrade. He runs an interesting blog about chemistry, physics and environmental science: facebook.com/zoranhemija

Caleb B

Designer / website creator

Caleb is the Designer and the Founder of BreakingAtom.com. His background is in Human-Centered Design and loves to use design to make education more accessible. Breakingatom.com was created to help students (of any age) learn the fundamentals of the Periodic Table in a fresh and engaging way.

Jon W


Jon is an engineer that helped develop the custom code of breakingatom.com.

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Our Process

How we fact check and create content

Breaking Atom's Periodic Tables are created from verified Public Domain data. The articles, courses and quizes are researched and developed by our chemistry subject matter experts. Then, the articles are fact-checked and edited by our editors to make sure the content that we are publishing is accurate and clear.

If there is something you see that needs to be corrected, please contact us at admin@breakingatom.com.