Who uses the Periodic Table?


The periodic table is used beyond the classroom mostly in the scientific community. It provides a wealth of information to scientists when they are considering new discoveries and compounds. It is used by engineers and designers when choosing materials and elements for technology. It also has big implications for economies when considering the prices of different metals and precious commodities traded internationally.

For example the use of Ytrium in the production of mobile phone screens can impact directly on the price of the phone, if engineers know the price of Ytrium is high they may look for an alternative metal to use and by using the periodic table they can find elements with similar properties that may be more abundant and cheaper. In the case of pharmaceutical companies they may use the periodic table to identify elements for use in their drugs and treatments. By studying nature and the way metals and non metals are incorporated into biological organisms scientists are able to use the periodic table to find elements to replace these molecules and create new drugs.

Terms in section
Scientific community

The scientific community is the collection of world wide scientists who communicate and collaborate on different scientific projects


Commodities is the term used to describe large scale substances that are traded all around the world like metals, coil and oil

Pharmaceutical company

A pharmaceutical company is a a company that designs and makes drugs to be used for medical purposes

Biological organism

A biological organism is the term used to describe a living object. This term could be used to describe both bacteria and humans as they are both living species.


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